Main Entry: drat
Pronunciation: \ˈdrat\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): drat·ted; drat·ting
Etymology: probably euphemistic alteration of God rot
Date: 1815

I like the word drat more than damn…….drat, which stems from god rot, just sounds more putrid and horrifying……..you are condemning something (or someone) to rot…..you could say “god rot it!” to the piece of furniture that stubbed your toe…..
this brings me to my next thought: why not become more personal with this cursing business……..use an arbitrary name like Bob or Thelma……….then you could say “Thelma rot it!”……..it sounds a little more threatening (like there is a Thelma hiding around the corner ready to rot things)…….or why not use animal power? You could use cats or lemurs……..so then you could say “lemur rot it!”……..which finally brings me to the final point: power in numbers…..why not make it plural?………nothing instills fear more than the masses….you could say “thelmas rot it!” or “lemurs rot it!”…..as you flail your fists to the sky….

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  1. noguruholdsme

     /  January 9, 2010

    MINOTAURS ROT IT [mythical man-animal power plural] – you need a rating thingy! so I could give this 5 stars. Or I could just say “I give this 6 stars” and then that’s better than conforming to the star-system like my blog does.

    I give this 6 stars.

  2. Minotaurs rot it! I love it!


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