Human Alchemy

You didn’t realize.
(I don’t think).
That I was not impressed,
(Nor in love with)
Your useless genius.
The cosmos fell out of your mouth
Littering our space with divine garbage.
God junk.
Man junk.
Animal junk.
Philosophical junk.
My brain would mop it up.
Twist it;
Wring some of it back out.
You knew everything.
You didn’t know me.
Said I was too enigmatic.
When really you didn’t understand.
Alchemical emotions.
How fire could burn inside
Human framework of flesh
And not die
And not consume.
I tried to show you.

But human nature errs.
(I am human).
I was not perfect either.
(I tried to be).
Nor strong enough.
You thought I was.
That was the greatest deception.
Perhaps the greatest enigmatic mistake.
I, the charlatan hercules.
Lead painted glass I was.
Always breaking slowly; infinitely.
I couldn’t save you.
Fire eventually dies.
Or consumes everything.
And then dies.

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