The Fight

“You will lose one arm.
Go out to the desert now and fight.
“But you will fight that creature who has four arms.
He knows your weakness.
But he knows not your strength.”

She told me this.
Cut off my arm
And scooped out my eye.
“You will lose one eye.
Go out to the desert now and see.
But you will see the eye in the sky.
He sees all of you
But he does not know you.”

she hummed a lullaby,
Covered me with sand,
And put out the sun.

I woke up.
The eye tracing shadows on my face.
And then, shadows reaching for me.
I looked up.
Four tentacles embracing the space
Of what should have been there.
“What do you want?” I asked
“Why do you ask?”
I answered him with silence and wept.
“I was once a man like you,” he whispered
“One day I had a choice to be
Whatever I wanted to be.”

“What did you want to be?” I breathed
But everything is nothing.”

He then choked himself with oblivion

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