They swam across the sea of time
To embrace in the deep dark world.
They breathed each other in their cave
Because the world outside was too cold.

They were lovers of a different time
Before people became empty shells.
She was his thoughts, he was her words
In the land of silent reverie.

And they would laugh, and they would play
And then make love outside all day.
They were two, they were one, and then three
And they played like dolphins in the sea.

But that, but that, was suns ago
Before saturn shattered the moon.
Only echoes of their love remain
Inside that future they forgot.

These days, these days, he hears too much
And she doesn’t want to think anymore.
She wants to hold him in silence
But he is deafened by the roaring world.

Come back, come back, she cried to him
But he was gone, he was gone gone away.
And she never left the cave again
And she was gone, she was gone gone away.

They were once two and one and three
But now they’re gone, they’re gone gone away.
Into the sea, the sea, into the sea
They were once two and one and three.

(first and third lines: E A E A A)
(second and fourth lines: G B# F# E A)

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