“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi



the pain of existing sometimes
splits her fragile soul
into impossible clones.
each one sobbing in a dark corner
of the universe somewhere
because the sun died a long time ago.
now she is never warm
and the ice storms are relentless.
apathetic shards mirroring reflections of a yesterday
that is really a yesterday of a lifetime ago.
father never loved you and father is never coming back
her mother clone tells the other clones
if only she had loved him more
if only she had learned how to be warm
without building fires
he might not have been so cold
don’t ever let them touch you
mother clone hisses
don’t ever let yourself love them
mother clone cries with icicle tears
but one clone’s heart refuses the ice
and she is growing a sun inside her soul


my soul slips out of my skin
every time
we collide
to the primordial compositions
coded into our instincts.
our bodies the instruments
vibrating together
elevating the notes higher
and higher-
high on the euphoric trembling
my soul dances out
touches your light
for a moment.
explodes into tiny stars
falling back into my body
swimming in the dark space.

A Japanese Love Story

Negative blood type O
Warrior princess debunking the myth
That she is a savage clawing at chicken wings
Or the social monarch butterfly
Always fluttering and dying from the drama.
He was deceived, but he loves her better like this
Secretly he is glad that
He doesn’t have to paint like Van Gogh
Or be bipolar to fuel false passions
Or pretend to be aloof instead of committing.
He the humanist.
Blood type AB.
But that is how it began.
The humanist messaged the warrior.

Metamorphosis of a Mermaid

The water was green. Eyes bobbing below the surface. I turned her over gently so as not to rub the molten scales off prematurely. She was comatose in my arms and almost dead. The pain of shedding her thick tail skin almost killed her. They tell me that most of them don’t make it to the next stage of metamorphosis. The liquid fire they have to anoint to the scales sends most of them into shock and convulsions. She isn’t shivering yet, so I carry her carefully to shore and wait. This becoming human is a dangerous thing.