I start my day;
Even if it’s raining
you’re there
smiling at me.
no gloom under these dark clouds
while you are here.
Sometimes I think
I never thank you enough.
My own little sun god
beaming and giggling
radiating wonder and love.
I tuck you in at night;
your happy face
slumbering in the dark.


untitled pantun

I sipped from the weeping wound
of that gentle cactus that night.
His feet in the house were always doomed
to talk with rage and dust in the light.


(my day 14 poem….I kind of skipped a couple of days again. (damn, I’m such a bad napowrimo’er!!)…but, alas I was in the mountains for a couple of days and didn’t exactly have a piece of paper or a laptop with me, and I’m too tired and lazy at the moment to concoct two more poems)

I wouldn’t be holding my breath
Counting to twenty
years later.
people change
but usually
They don’t.
I looked to you
hoping, holding
my breath.
The only
one collapsed
riding piggy-back
on hopes and ifs.

tango tanka

I do the tango
in the backyard, under moon
old silver tank top
this dewy grass my ballroom
’til I bump into trashcan

(my day 11 napowrimo inspired by prompt here:


(My day 8 poem….describing a day at work)

Fingers fused to
Keyboard; kilometers
typed; thought thrashing the
invisible indivisible
abstract analogous
petrified problems
spewed systematically
into irrigated
ears; explosion


So, today I’m running behind.
My shoes are behind.
My mouth is behind.
My brain is behind.
My dreams are behind that other dream
I had a year ago.
The moon is behind the sun.
If I wasn’t on earth.
Which is how I’m running behind.


Here is my napowrimo for day 6.

Cats probably have a word for cat.
No, that is wrong.
Probably a feeling:
Territory; Play-thing; Fun-times; Food-stealer.
Their word for dogs?
Crazy sound; Run for your life; Gnashing teeth; Death.
We as people have so many words, labels.
Categorizing everything we come in contact with.
Sterilizing things with a certain detachment.
Dead wood?
To a cat:
Sacred altar of food; Claw thing; Shelter from dog.

untitled cinquain # 1

nothing matters
more than thinking backwards.
loving living becomes living

(inspired by prompt here:

Unfortunate Conflict of Interest

Here is the poem for napowrimo that was due yesterday,and this poem describes what happened yesterday in form of a haiku. Prompt was taken from:

Poetry all night?
My body fatigued, says no.
Sleep hushes my brain

Glass eyes

Shiver me timbers
Put out the embers
Ole Blue has got the fiery rum
In his tum tum tum
And his mighty peg leg
Stuck in a keg

Ye better not laugh
Ye better not laugh
Or you’ll dance that hempen jig

That blimey eye in his head
Always falls in the head
Ye be better in bed
I’d rather be dead
Then to have to be the mate who
Has to go get it for Blue.

Ye better not laugh
Ye better not laugh
Or you’ll dance that hempen jig

(inspired by prompt here: