My Favorite Willow Tree

Now that I look back at it-
I think that willow tree was haunted.
But not in that scary dramatic stab me in
the face with a branch type of poltergeist and
that’s what I get for following the voices; no. But
more like fairies and a nature boy from one
hundred years ago. A nice gent (not country trash) and
his love of wild rabbits and mourning doves
cooing in branches. Rabbits almost close enough
to touch as they seemed dazed hopping amongst
the roots; spellbound by the willow’s phantasmagorical
pheromones. I too shipwrecked and marooned on this
island of a tree for hours in summers.

This was created using a prompt in which I shuffled my mp3 player and took the first five song titles and used those within the poem.

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  1. WOW, this is beautiful.


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