If I Were a Lily

then maybe you would have noticed the grey mold:
fungus infused tears devouring my stalk.
Maybe you would have noticed
slugs sleeping on my stamen;
heavy and burdened with slime.
Maybe you would have noticed
the rabbits gnawing at my heart,
and you would have protected me.
But you thought me a cactus:
strong enough to live sparsely
hold droplets forever and carry them
and not get tired.
prickly enough to never
feel warm bee breath on my face,
and the sting of despair.
But you were wrong.
Break me open and oceans fall out
messy, profusely, and brine flavored.

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  1. That was beautiful and sad, but I loved it.

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    Everything is a Construction / Buildings can be Broken,


  2. WOW, powerfully strong writing–and on a personal note, it’s a hard place to be when people mistake one for a cactus with no needs at all.

  3. Serena Malcolm

     /  April 15, 2014

    This is so profound… and holds so much truth… a truly beautiful piece.


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