Ode to the Eighties

Grape kool-aid in my favorite kool-aid man cup,
(although we all know all colors tasted the same;
but fun to pretend the rainbow was fruity).
Danced to the record Mom played from
that huge magic music-in-a-box.
(Doing the moon-walk on carpet was tough
but I made a valiant effort).
Back outside on bike. No helmet,
and band-aids laughing in the breeze
(why we even bothered putting them on in the first
Back inside for dinner: mashed potatoes and
pork chops with white gravy accidentally
dribbled on my plastic floral placemat
(it stuck to the table a little).
Back out to the gravel and grass
until bedtime. Hair full of dust
nimbuses and smell of all earthly permutations.
(no more band-aids on but too tired to care).

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…A mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover,a friend, a human, an animal, neurons and synapses, water, earth, dust and light….. View all posts by teapartiesonneptune

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