Half life

I left my heart in a box
around the corner
miles away from here.
I didn’t mark it.
I have no way of finding it again.
And I wonder why I have trouble sleeping at night.
Half dreams of almost grasping;
Feeling like I have a heart,
but I wake too soon.
Mourning in the morning
won’t work before work.


When the earth is breaking
I can feel it,
but I am removed
tears filling a pillow
not the forest floor.
We used to plant daffodils this way
Thousands of years ago.
I would have held you close every day:
Hands to heart.
I would have known how to keep the bears away;
how to hide you in the trees.
I feel the earth breaking and crying
and I am misplaced.
The wrong time.
The wrong people.
I don’t know how to protect you
how to hide you from all this.