It started when I was 10.
Billy was my best friend,
and I needed to feel what he felt.
The first time was a string wound
tightly round my right pinkie;
finally it blackened like a dead slug,
and the doctors couldn’t save it.
9 fingers could still push
Billy in his wheelchair, though.
When I was 20 I asked Billy
to chop off my arm with a chainsaw.
He wheeled up to the kitchen table-
my arm laid out like a dead tree branch,
but he couldn’t do it.
I had to break out the hacksaw
and Jim Beam.

This was inspired by this prompt here: http://magalyguerrero.com/of-peculiar-fun-and-me-dark-poetry-for-the-cruellest-month-2016-day-7/

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  1. Nothing like a it (or a lot) of mutilation and hard drinking with friends to make the heart grow fonder.

    The matter-of-fact tone of this piece made me laugh. A few might think that I laughed too hard. But hey, some of us do like our fun peculiar.

  2. georginamorley

     /  April 18, 2016

    OMG lol….that would be a truly dark side effect to any relationship 😀 XXX

  3. judy

     /  April 19, 2016

    Okay…today we will cut off body parts…good way to spend the day…gads!!


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