Alice on Neptune

How much dancing can you really do
under the diamonds raining on your
head for forty years?
Summer is coming I tell myself,
although I don’t really know.
I’m no longer a girl with just
a badly behaved watch to keep
me company, drinking helium
tea every day; partying
with the bright blue ghosts
in the sky.
Earth time still has my
body, and I’m a woman before
my first birthday knowing that
I’ll be dead by winter.

(napowrimo day 5….and for with real toads over here:

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  1. Imagination is forever young, indeed… but flesh and bones are hard too cheat. Too bad for us!

  2. Oh imagination has overstayed its time. Hard when it catch up on you.

  3. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

     /  April 6, 2017

    What, no rabbit holes? No, I guess not, there. 😦

  4. It must be quite a different perspective on reality to be on Neptune.

  5. My goodness this is good!!❤️


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