Exoskeletons We Were

Shapeshifting used to be easier than this.
Bones never broke before.
Hearts never broke before.
But you stayed a scorpion for too long
and I needed to feel teeth upon fur
and blood in my mouth.

( Napowrimo day 3 poem )

A Haiku for Coffee

Burn out my insides
Brewed gasoline for my blood
Black water magic

( Napowrimo day 2 poem )

Aubergine in the Night on the Floor

Come morn I will mourn the absence
of arms like vines holding me
down on this garden bed of
delights, and fingers like tendrils
tangling through my hair.
I want to wallow in this nightshade
forever, because come morn
you will disappear into the mechanics
of a day that demands all your fruit
sprouted from your sweat and tears.

(Napowrimo day 1. I used the prompt here: https://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2019-april-pad-challenge-day-1)