The Secret to Time Travel

Maybe sleep is the conduit
for non-linear time.
Dreams have a funny way
of placing people at the
wrong time in the wrong place.
We wake up confused, sometimes happy,
sometimes sad-
we honestly thought we were hanging out
on our childhood porch, complete with
damp spring smell, and chipped white
painted metal rocking chairs with
an ex lover who is probably having
his own bad dreams.

(napowrimo day 30 and for:

The Nursing Home

It’s the being there that counts.
A warm hand to counteract
the cold sterile sheets.
A familiar face to drown out
the millions of television voices.
Nothing else matters
in those trillions of star spaces
between womb and grave.

(napowrimo day 29…and for )

Why Children are Fast

There are things out there
in the dark; quiet creeping
things that sound like
the wind rustling trees,
and will grab you quickly
if you stray too far
from your patch of moonlight.
Don’t get too close to any
tree. The trees hide things
like portals to unmentionable worlds,
and creatures from those worlds
want to eat your legs and arms off.
Stay on that gravel path, and run
faster than the wind back to your
house. Once inside, stay away from
windows. (these are portals too)

(for napowrimo day 28…and for:

The (not so resting) Bicycle Face

Mary had it, but she didn’t care.
She could ride a century in a day
in her brown bloomers and laced black boots.
She was a scorcher on her bone-shaker
much to the chagrin of all her kin.
But Mary didn’t care.
She knew you only lived once,
and in 1893, fainting on
a couch was not at the
top of her list.

(napowrimo day 27….and for I was also inspired by the women who rode bicycles in the late 1800’s.
““Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammelled womanhood.” – Susan B. Anthony

Haiku for a Heart Cut Girl

She still finds herself
on the peripheries of
this marquise cut world.

(napowrimo day 26…and for

Any Refrigerator Boxes for Rent?

Some boxes have made me quite angry-
Oh it probably wasn’t their fault,
not really.
One was quite quietly pretty-
ornate mantel and a stained
glass window, but
the box that was stacked on top
was too noisy and moved too much.
So, I couldn’t properly enjoy
my own box there.
Another one was perfectly alone
(never even got soggy after a rain)
but it was ugly inside, and had
a dullness that no box of crayons
would ever be able to fix.

But I remember pure bliss-
a few times
as a child
in a refrigerator box.
Maybe that’s all we really need.

(napowrimo day 25…and for:

A Perfectly Balanced Dinner

I have let the rabbits out.
The mother seeks justice
and justice shall be served
on an earthen plate
garnished with clover
and beets

I have let the rabbits out.
The mother has heard a rabbit’s
One who falls down a rabbit-hole
never makes it back.
The rabbits will dine on meats tonight.

(napowrimo day 24…and for: and ekphrasis for the below image)




Trying to Sleep

Dream cocktails
No anchors aboard
Strong rip-tides thrash ships

(napowrimo day 23…and for

Mother Earth

We have cut off her tongue and
stuffed trash into her mouth.
Only those that will look into
her eyes can hear her now.
We have sewn bombs into her body
and watched her bleed onto the
faces of her children.
We have forgotten that we are
all her children, and she
could have held us all if
we hadn’t cut off her arms
and replaced them with hooks.

(napowrimo day 22…it’s also Earth Day…we need to remember to love the earth and her inhabitants every day)

Antagonists to the Ants

I have a family, and
we are always protecting out babies
and queen mother
from you.
You are the monster that looms in
ancestral lullabies since the
beginning of the fake caves.
We had to become skilled at
reading the earthquakes, because
you don’t hear our screams nor
care when you smite our village
with might or poison.
If only you could hear our cries.

(napowrimo day 21…and for: )