The Recipe for Being a Kid Again

Close your laptop.
*probably the most dangerous part
Eat whatever you want
*though, too much dirt can cause constipation
Dance all over
*just remember that some floors are hard
Go outside and skip down the sidewalk
*just remember that concrete is even harder
Climb a tree
*maybe call someone before you do, like your mom.

( Day 2 poem for NaPoWriMo also for with real toads:


That Fresh-Cut Grass Smell

The sound of a lawn mower
always takes me back
there to that place
where Mother is still young
and my brother and I even younger.
Grass stains on our pants and
Mother’s hands. Her face
sweating and watering
the lawn. I picture us
in that grass smiling, but
the grass is always growing,
and sometimes I wonder
if maybe a jungle
would have kept us all younger.

(Day 1 poem for NaPoWriMo)