Haiku for a Heart Cut Girl

She still finds herself
on the peripheries of
this marquise cut world.

(napowrimo day 26…and for https://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2017/04/outsider-art.html)


A Haiku for Humanity

Hands on sun dial
fast forward a thousand years.
Do humans still walk?

( a Haiku for international haiku poetry day. )_

A Haiku for Potholes

The road is aching
to swallow us, car and all.
Tectonic hunger.

(Day 7 napowrimo)

Haiku # 7

My chakras burnt out
today while having a jog.
My busted headlight.

Haiku for the Dark

Reaching towards midnight
Owl twists head around the dark
Pounce moon on mouse tail.

My Perennial

This boy I’m growing
planted with hugs and sunshine.
Keep the frost away.


Not too sweet. Softness
staining sunshine on my nose.
Breathing in happy.

I am not a morning person

Sleeping soundly; soft
pillows until alarming
phone heralds daylight.