Costume Party in the Cemetery and a Love Story Part IV
Isis is Sick of Finding Icarus Drunk Behind the Shed
in Vamp Cat Magazine’s ‘FIRE BURN & CAULDRON BUBBLE’
OCTOBER 2019 issue (online)

This is the Last Time
The Goldilocks Zone
in the Gyroscope Review (print and free pdf)

I Gave Birth in the Fall Time
in Bonnie’s Crew (online)

Queen of Cups
The Lovers in Galway Bay
in The Ginger Collect (online)
Issue Five

A Breakup: Part 7,
found in Street Light Press (December issue) (online)

The River Man
in Tailfins & Sealskins: An Anthology of Water Lore (print)

Circe on Fridays
in Full Moon & Foxglove: An Anthology of Witches & Witchcraft (print)

Sex in the Summer
found in Delirious: a Poetic Tribute to Prince (print)

in Pankhearst’s Fresh (online)

The Kelpie Whisperer
in Three Drops From a Cauldron (online)
The kelpie whisperer by Kiley Creekmore

In Pursuance of the Shiny Things
in Picaroon Poetry (online)

I am a Werewolf
in Rat’s Ass Review’s Love & Ensuing Madness (online)

Love & Ensuing Madness

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