A girl

still loves a boy

(she doesn’t even know how to write the poetry right anymore)

a forest

A boy was crying in the forest. Lost. A girl tries to find him.
But she already has a dagger in her back. A girl is slow.
When she finally finds him, he is angry. Why did it take a girl so long?
He doesn’t see the dagger already in her back. Intead of giving her a hug ( he would have found the dagger if he had) he pushes her away. A boy is lost in a forest.
A girl is stumbling around in a forest slowly bleeding out.

When it burns

so much
to think.
I want my light bulb to break
just because the pain of holding
it in my heart hurts
too much.
Rushing up my throat
a fire.
I can’t eat.
I can’t sleep.
Somebody take this light bulb
I can see in the dark now.

A boy

A boy built a wall between him and a girl.
He forgot to add a door.
Once day he left a girl behind a wall forever.

A girl

A girl remembers the first time she time she had ever seen him.
(He didn’t see her)

A girl

A girl had a name…
A girl wakes up smiling until she realizes she is alone again. She almost smelled his skin, but he hasn’t slept next to her in over a year…
A girl felt unloveable and pretended not to notice how the days became months, the caterpillars became moths, the days and butterflies died, and he didn’t seem to care…until it was too late. But even then it wasn’t too late. A girl just needed a heart. A real live heart.
So that she could feel real. Paper boys and paper girls just cut each other up. But she is crying oceans, and sliding out of her paper skin. She misses him. The real him. When all he wanted was to hold her close to his real heart at night.
A girl has no name.


Our love dead ends here
where electricity courses
through cords like the
love once pulsed through
our bodies. We were un-
plugged machines for each other
revved up on high octane.
These days you prefer your
ether siphoned through a net
spun of wires and digital handiwork.
I refuse to stay plugged in.
Lightning is too heavy to carry
in my ungrounded soul.

My First Bedroom

I remember the walls of that bedroom-
faces emerging from dark wood grain
whorls and lines, and the way
I would stare at that wall against
my twin bed with that huge blue
comforter of clouds and manifest
the creatures.
I remember tracing my fingers
over the hair and noses feeling
the black grooves.
I remember my fingers finding
the cold metal frame of the
window which was especially soothing
on a hot summer night.
I remember staring out the window
into the spotlight darkness for
a few moments until I scared myself
with thinking wolves could jump through

Haiku # 7

My chakras burnt out
today while having a jog.
My busted headlight.

My Furry Laser Beam Killer

sardine vault
vent cover
carrot hater
hair tie magician
mantel ballerina
broom slayer
string tamer
tuna demon
drowsy pirate